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time complexity analysis

n(n+1) over 2
recurrence relation for a simple decreasing function
recurrence relation with for loop
big oh definition
theta definition
big omega definition

pythonic algorithms

string formatting
reversing a subarray
binary search
string substrings
shifted zip
return a list with 0 or 1 items
slicing to prevent list index out of range
array max
array min
max array
max array from right
matrix transpose
matrix clockwise rotation
matrix anticlockwise rotation
list index complement
single bidirectional pass
plotting performance
string contains all chars
using xor for signedness
find missing number in array
int to base
[[implement log2]]

Advanced Python

python array module

Greedy Method

optimal merge pattern
huffman encoding
job scheduling with deadlines


minimum cost spanning tree
multistage graph

pramp algorithms

flatten a dictionary
find first occurrence of k in array
substring search
move zeroes to end
toeplitz matrix
spiral order matrix
island count
product of array except self
pancake sort
draw h tree
decoding a string
getting a different number
shifted array search
busiest time at the mall
bracket match
minimum deletion
sudoku solver


largest smaller BST key

top 100 facebook algorithms

trapping rain water
merge k sorted lists
product of array except self
merge intervals
integer to english words
subarray sum equals k
minimum remove to make valid parentheses
serialize and deserialize binary tree
alien dictionary
word break
verifying an alien dictionary
next permutation
add strings
minimum window substring
[[kth largest element in an array]]
merge sorted array
binary tree right side view
[[binary tree maximum path sum]]
[[remove invalid parentheses]]
[[diameter of binary tree]]
valid palindrome
[[vertical order traversal of a binary tree]]
[[binary tree vertical order traversal]]
[[add and search word - data structure design]]
[[task scheduler]]
[[random pick with weight]]
[[read n chracters given read4 ii - call multiple times]]
[[longest substrinct with at most k distinct characters]]
[[exclusive time of functions]]
[[valid number]]
[[intersection of two arrays]]
[[sparse matrix multiplication]]
[[divide two integers]]
accounts merge
[[range sum of bst]]
[[continuous subarray sum]]
[[expression add operators]]
[[closest binary search tree value]]
[[maximum swap]]
[[k closest points to origin]]
[[is graph bipartitie]]
[[random pick index]]
[[maximum sum of 3 non-overlapping subarrays]]
[[similar string groups]]
[[monotonic array]]
[[maximum difference between node and ancestor]]


binary tree level order traversal
search first key
remove duplicates
levenshtein distance