smart contracts


I've been pondering on the use of smart contracts for a wide variety of applications. While the world is trying to get to grips with the idea that Bitcoin will keep on growing, this idea that smart contracts exist is blowing my mind.

Over the coming weeks, and months, i'll explore the incredibly noisy world of smart contracts, one platform at a time, and will attempt to generate some signal from all the noise. I'll also deploy smart contract bounties, backed by actual cryptocurrencies, to see whether they achieve their intended purposes.



Let's begin by creating a wallet on myetherwallet. Here's the mnemonic:

 1 pelican
 2 state
 3 segment
 4 combine
 5 reflect
 6 quality
 7 traffic
 8 thought
 9 solution
10 number
11 drop
12 plunge

I've tried two web wallets so far, that claimed having link wallets, however i could not find link in the list of wallets. Let's just use the ETH wallet, and try and write the smart contract on the chainlink platform.